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Our Story

Approximately 15 years ago, our two company founders escaped Communist Cuba to pursue
“The American Dream”.

Eldis Bujones and Alejandro Gonzalez came to America poor financially but, rich with “Hard Work Ethics”. Over the last eight (8) years, they became American Citizens and created General Facility Care which is now one of Tampa Bay Area’s leading custodial service companies. Clients include: THE TAMPA CONVENTION CENTER, HONEYWELL, AMALIE OIL, FORD, ST PETERSBURG YACHT CLUB, YUENGLING, and many others.

Upon arriving in the United States. both men worked for large national custodial service companies until 8 years ago. They grew tired of the bureaucracy, incompetence, lack of “work ethics” and “profits over people” mantra common to large national companies. Coming from hard work for little pay in Cuba, they learned early what most American Companies fail to grasp... Quality, reliability, and efficiency all come down to how you treat your workers. The two men knew that they could do better by creating their own company.

Starting as a small “Tampa Based” company, General Facility Care, LLC primarily served as a subcontractor to larger companies to meet their labor needs. As time progressed, GFC built a substantial pool of loyal, reliable “On Call” Labor... A pool of “Hard Working” people unlike any other in the Bay Area. In fact, the original pool of “On Call” labor still remains and has nearly “trippled” in size. With promoting from within as one of our company objectives, many of the original “Labor Pool” are now in full time and supervisory positions.

Clients often tell us that what truly separates General Facility Care from other service providers is the “Pedigree” of our staff and responsiveness of our management. Our phones are manned by live people 24/7... People who will connect you to who you need to speak to regardless of the day/hour (not AI, answereing machines or overseas message takers). Check us out... We will work with you to meet both your service and finanacial needs.

General Facility Care LLC Team

“We have the resources to handle accounts / projects of any size”


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General Facility Care LLC

General Facility Care LLC

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Current Certifications

General Facility Care LLC Certifications



Prior to assuming his key role with GFC as CEO, Eldis Bujones spent seven (7) years as the Central Gulf Coast of Florida Operations Manager for a Fortune 500 Custodial Service Company. He oversaw the management and staff of over 200 accounts and between 5-10 subcontractors at any given time.

As an American Citizen/Passport holder, Eldis is a seasoned industry operations professional. He has exceptional P&L and people management skills. Bilingual, skilled with MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and QuickBooks, Eldis brings a superior level of operations expertise to the GFC team. Additionally, Eldis also brings to GFC training programs, quality control systems, purchasing strategies and customer relations programs used by some of the largest custodial service contractors in the country.

“He has a work ethic, level of honesty and concern for employees that has that has all but disappeared from today’s larger investor driven corporate C-Suites. He really does treat employees like customers”.

Eldis had humble beginnings in Havana, Cuba where he had a background in HVAC installation/ repair and construction materials management. He spent a few years working for Israel-based ASHTROM GROUP before forming IMEX his own construction materials supply company operating in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Having a family brought him to America where he continues to thrive in the custodial service industry as an integral part of General Facility Care.



Alejandro Gonzalez Rodriguez also had his humble beginnings in Cuba where he started over 20 years ago by maintaining service centers and apartment complexes. Like our CEO Eldis, Alejandro escaped the communist Cuba regime to pursue the American Dream.

Being bilingual in the USA, he quickly assumed supervisory and payroll management rolls in business and expanded his skills to include stone floor care and installation.

He then assumed a roll of operations manager to a Largo, Florida based contract cleaning company before forming General Facility Care LLC which is Headquartered in Tampa serving Hillsborough, Pinellas, Sarasota, Bradenton, Pasco and Polk Counties.

Formed in 2015, General Facility Carer LLC is certified by the City of Tampa as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and with Hillsborough County Commissioners as a Minority and Disadvantaged Business.

“No one will give your account more attention, response or flexibility than GFC. Our employees are our greatest asset and we know how to find, hire and retain the Bay Area’s best.”



John Csehill serves as our contract COO (Chief Operating Officer) and CSO (Chief Sales Officer). He has 45+ years of experience in the contract custodial service industry. He is well known in the industry on a national level and brings GFC his program design, bid / cost preparation, business finance and business management /efficiency skills. He has designed and sold billions of dollars worth service programs over the last four decades and will handle our sales and contracts administration.

“He has built and run $100 million companies as well as run sales for major national contractors. His unmatched knowledge of the industry comes from years of working with business owners. “

Starting in the industry right out of college, John spent his first few years sharing a desk with an aging Janitorial company owner learning everything he could. He was hired to learn, grow and sell the senior entrepreneur’s company which he did after nearly tripling its size in a few short years by dominating business on Florida’s Space Coast with his self written software “What if” programs. Clients could see the effects of specification changes to their budgets instantly for major savings. A client seldom realizes that they can easily reduce their costs by up to 15% by simply having their staff empty their own garbage cans into a designated area trash barrel eliminating the cost of time for a janitor to pick up every trash can nightly regardless of how much trash it contains.

John also brings national relationships with other season industry professionals looking to make career changes. He has relationships with equipment providers, banks, insurance carriers and cutting edge industry providers of smart washroom/dispenser technology, trash containers that self compact and text you when they need emptied, robotic floor equipment, quality control software, GPS employee tracking and much more.



Norma Berrios, CPA serves as our contract CFO (Chief Financial Officer). She has more than eighteen years of public accounting experience. Her areas of focus are GFC’s revenue recognition, cash flow, internal controls, tax compliance, project management and financial analysis.

Norma has provided client services in a multitude of industries including healthcare, construction, and private businesses. Her priority is to maintain a clear focus on producing results to ensure that our organization’s goals and objectives are met.

Education/Professional Involvement

  • Bachelor of Arts in Accounting, University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida
  • Master’s in Accountancy, University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida
  • Master’s in Business Administration, Saint Leo University
  • Certified Public Accountant, State of Florida
  • Member, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)
  • Member, Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants (FICPA)

Civic Organizations

  • Hillsborough County Hispanic Service Council – Board Member
  • USF Latino Advisory Council - Current


As a bi-lingual Florida native, Georgia Jaime brings over 17 years experience to our team.

Starting as a general cleaner at One Source Cleaning in 2006, she worked her way up the industry ranks to warrant both local competitor and our attention. She has more than proven herself and now plays a key role as part of our rapidly growing team of industry professionals.

“All my career I have been given responsibilities but, not the authority to properly carry them out... General Facility Care is not only giving me the authority I need but, also an incredible opportunity for performance based career and financial growth... The GFC Team are all seasoned professionals that left major companies to do it better... Now it is my turn”.

During her first eight (8) years in the custodial service industry (2006 - 2014), she worked her way up from general cleaner to a Supervisory position for One Source. In 2014, Sunshine Commercial Cleaning recruiter her to serve as an Area Manager.

In 2018, Georgia was recruited by ABM to serve as an Area Manager with additional responsibilities for safety training and quality control. She is also a skilled floor maintenance trainer (stripping, finishing, scrubbing and shampooing).

As a well established reputed commercial cleaning industry professional in the Tampa Bay Area, General Facility Care recruited her in 2022 to join our team as Operations Manager.



HR & Administration


Leyra oversees our HR department making sure that all new hire applicant backgrounds are checked on a national level (not just the state of Florida). She keeps General Facility Care in compliance with Florida’s constant changing requirements (July 1, 2023 E-Verify, October 1, 2023 - $1.00 wage increases, Sales Taxes and much more).

To give you an idea of Leyra’s Cuban work ethic; She recently had Covid in early September 2023... Rather than stay home as over 99% of the nation’s workforce would, she elected to come to work and quarantine herself off from everyone....

“I can’t lay around and do nothing, I have to be productive”.


Leyra also oversees our Office and Administrative staff. If she does not have the immediate answer toyour question, she will have it for you within an hour or less.


Leyra was just certified (12/14/23) by OSHA to handle safety inspections and training. This is a tremendous benefit to both our company and clients.



File No. PRC22-76700 - RESOLUTION NO. 2022-688 Resolution approving an Agreement between the City of Tampa and General Facility Care LLC for the provision of Janitorial and Convsion Services at Tampa Convention Center in the estimated amount of $5,380,000.00 for a two-year period for use by the Tampa Convention Center; authorizing the Mayor to execute said Agreement; providing an effective date. Motion: (Maniscalco-Miranda) That Council adopts said resolution. Motion carried unanimously by voice roll call vote of 7-0.


General Facility Care LLC's Trio

Executive Management Team
Left - Alejandro Gonzalez - Pres.
Center - John Csehill - COO
Right - Eldis Bujones - CEO




Highly efficient Operations Manager with more than thirty years of experience supervising multiple teams of employees while planning and maintaining work schedules and updating procedures and policies while performing customer service activities, accounts receivable, billing and payroll duties.

February 2020-present

Honeywell Account Project Manager - General Facility Care LLC

Manage the entire staff to follow up the SOW on each shift and guarantee job performance.

Provides ongoing staff training and safety education of the staff.

Coordinates and schedules all work tickets and floor maintenance program

Handles quality control program and generates reports.

Orders all supplies and consumables.

2009 - 2017

Field Operations Manager - ABM Business and Industry - Tampa Florida

Conduct power point presentations on Quarterly Client Business Review.

Direct managers of a rapidly growing team - Oversee Special Services Group

Drive specification, scheduling, status and review processes.

Manage day-to-day development issues. - Prepare operational and salary budgets.

Ensure that the company’s quality control monitoring program is being followed by 97 branches in TN, GA & FL. Observe all laws, regulations, work orders, and other applicable obligation across the portfolio


Name of Client

Facility Type

Account Address

Contact Person

Telephone Number

Email address

The Tampa Convention Center

Convention Center (3 shifts/365 days plus events)

333 S Franklin St, Tampa, FL 33602

K. Baily Morris - Contracts Manager


Name of Client

Facility Type

Account Address

Contact Person

Telephone Number

Email address

Honeywell Aerospace

800,000 square foot Office & Manufacturing

13350 US-19, Clearwater, FL 33764

Eric Echeverria - Sr. Facilities Manager


Name of Client

Facility Type

Account Address

Contact Person

Telephone Number

Email address

Ford Motor Credit Co.

Office Building

3620 Queen Palm Dr, Tampa, FL 33619

Kara Busler - Coordinator MTC Ops


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