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Post Construction Cleaning in Tampa, Clearwater and Saint Petersburg

Putting the finishing touches on any commercial construction project means cleaning up dust, dirt, and debris contractors inevitably leave behind. General Facility Care LLC specializes in post-construction cleaning, offering affordable rates and pristine finished results—guaranteed. For a number of years, we have worked with businesses, home-builders, and private residents, delivering exceptional construction cleaning solutions and impeccable service.

  • Insured, bonded, and highly trained janitorial staff
  • Arriving prepared and on time
  • Advanced construction site clean tools and technology
  • Value pricing
  • Upfront quotes

Tailoring construction site cleaning services to your unique needs and keeping our quotes honest and upfront are just some of the things that make us stand out from the rest. During a free consultation, we’ll collaborate with you to produce a sanitization schedule and plan that meets and exceeds your expectations without breaking the bank.

Post-Construction Cleaning Experts

We aren’t just your average cleaning company—we focus and specialize in construction project cleaning. There’s a considerable difference between construction and janitorial cleaning, a gap we’re able and ready to bridge.

Construction cleaning involves deep cleaning dirt created from months of construction work, scrubbing paint off glass panes, window frames, and floors, and working in active construction environments with other contractors also trying to complete their jobs. You need a team of specialized staff who know how to do the heavy-duty jobs that construction cleaning requires. We’re the hard-working cleaners our clients need to turn a new construction into a habitable building. We offer a well-trained and well-equipped team of professional construction site cleaners who can look after all your difficult cleaning jobs.

Choosing the wrong company with inexperienced staff can lead to damage being done to your brand-new structure. With us, you’ll always avoid the scratched glass, damaged window frames, or destroyed floors that might come with inexperienced cleaning crews. Choose us for a company that will leave your new construction in pristine condition!

Cost-Effective Construction Cleaning Services

Offering flexible and construction cleaning services allow us to get to know the unique needs and goals of your organization so we can design services that address these areas and produce maximum results. Don’t pay for more than what you need, or get less than what you were expecting. Sit down for a free consultation with us, we’ll examine how our construction site cleaning services can best match your needs and budget.

Reliable Post-Construction Cleaning Services

When your commercial renovation is complete and your contractors have packed up and cleaned up their tools and working debris, there is still work to be done. Plan ahead by getting in touch with us for a full suite of post-construction cleaning services. Here is just a small sample of how we add value to your project, saving you time and money:

  • Cleaning lights
  • Removing dust from air diffusers
  • Post-renovation interior window cleaning
  • Spot cleans for walls, dividers, glass, and other surfaces
  • Dust removal from floors via damp mopping
  • Bathroom and kitchen damp cleaning for sparkling fixtures
  • Vacuuming carpets
  • Desk and office cleaning
  • Door sanitization

We don’t miss anything on your construction site. If you have some unconventional requests for your post-construction cleaning, we’re open to discussing that with you! Perhaps you need some leftover building materials removed or a fragile new countertop cleaned with soft cloths and a gentle touch. Let us know, and we’ll be able to arrange a solution that leaves your project in perfect shape.

Deep Post-Construction Cleanup

On occasion, you may need a deeper post-construction cleanup to get the pristine results you want. If your remodel is done and there are stains on your carpets or a thick layer of construction grime on fixtures in kitchen areas and restrooms— we can help! Here’s how we take your post-construction cleanup to the next level:

  • Carpet shampooing, spot treating, and cleaning
  • Floor burnishing and waxing
  • Baseboard damp cleans
  • Upholstery spot removal and cleans

Post-construction cleaning is never about doing a surface-level sweep. For us, it’s essential that we get into the most challenging messes to give you a thorough and perfect result. We’ll get into every corner and under every surface, finding dirt and debris you didn’t even know was there.

Why Hire Post-Construction Cleaning Professionals?

If you’ve just invested in a new construction project, you’re likely wondering why it’s worth it for you to now spend on a post-construction cleaning company. While this is understandable when you’re trying to save a buck, there are many benefits to getting a reliable team of professionals to do the job.

If you’re on the fence about reaching out to us, you should know there are some benefits we offer that you won’t get on your own. With our company, you’ll never have to spend money on equipment, products, waste removal, and other unexpected cleaning costs. We also have the experience to ensure that every job is completed with thoroughness, safety, and speed in mind. We’ll find hidden messes and ensure the entire building is cleared of debris and potential safety hazards without causing any damage. Finally, if you still have work to complete, hiring our company will give your employees the time and energy to focus on what they do best.

No construction job is complete without a thorough clean-up. Book our team of experts and access all the benefits of a professional cleaning service.

Fast Post-Construction Cleaning Services

We know that you don’t want your cleaning services to drag on for days or weeks, especially in the aftermath of a significant building project. Your top priority is to enjoy your new building. Our team works quickly to complete their tasks so that you can access a clean facility as fast as possible.

Every construction project can leave a huge mess, which is inconvenient to have on your job site for any duration. We understand that you want any debris and leftover materials to be removed quickly. That’s why we commit to always working as fast as possible to clear your site of any signs of construction work. You have deadlines to meet with your building project, and we’re here to help you return the property to a clean and orderly state as fast as possible.

All our cleaners are trained to perform excellent construction cleaning services with a focus on efficiency, making us the fastest construction clean-up crew in the area. To have your site cleaned fast, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Affordable Construction Clean-Up Services

The only cost to worry about for any construction job should be that spent on the building process. Between the materials, laborers, and contractors, the price will add up, and the last thing you need is another huge bill from a construction cleaning company.

Our company understands that you’re trying to have your construction project cleaned up at the most competitive rate you can find, and we do everything in our power to keep your post-construction cleaning service as affordable as possible. By working efficiently, getting jobs done quickly, and never using more materials or products than necessary for a quality result, we’re able to run a streamlined operation and complete your cleaning project with no excess costs.

Every construction clean-up job differs in the size and type of materials or debris to be cleaned. This means our rates are variable, depending on the services you require. Rather than sticking you with an unexpected bill after the project, we prefer to be upfront. Contact us to discuss your project, and we’ll always give you an accurate estimate before we start!

Construction Cleaning Consultations

Since every construction job is different in the size and scope of the mess, there may be unique services that you require to get your site clean again. Don’t sacrifice your high standards for cleaning—instead, get a cleaning crew that will tailor a list of services to your needs.

If you’re looking for a company that will listen to what you’re looking for and provides that precisely, you’re in the right place. We always look to understand your needs so that we can perform the work you require as best as possible, with no room for misunderstandings. We’ll come to inspect your site and get a complete understanding of the job we have to do.

After this, we discuss your ideal schedule and budget and look to make a plan that can complete the job according to your requirements. We don’t want to leave anything out, as we strive to give you the perfect solution for your construction project. Book your consultation today and get a cleaning company that works to meet your needs.

Need a Professional House Cleaning After Construction?

Are you a local homeowner, landlord, or builder? Professional house cleaning after construction will take away the stress and hassle of getting things done on time. With set start and finish dates, low rates that we stick to, you’ll know your investment will be spotless when the job is done.

Top to bottom new construction cleanup should be streamlined, precise, and completed by pros who have a passion for helping you move your business forward. Call us today to arrange a consultation with the cities top recommended post-construction cleaning crew— at no obligation to you.

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