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Office Cleaning Services

When it comes to your office, it’s no doubt that you’ll want the best for your workspace. A clean office leads to happier employees, better productivity, and a great first impression to visitors. However, an office can get dirty quickly, so it’s essential to hire a janitorial service that can keep up. General Facility Care LLC provides the best office cleaning services in the local area. Over the years, we’ve built a reputation for our commitment to quality. Call (813) 280-5300 for a deep cleaning done right.

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Look Your Best with Our Office Cleaning Services

General Facility Care LLC knows that the best thing you can do for a visiting client is providing them with an excellent first impression. When your business shines, it implies that your company is sharp, focused, and detail-oriented. However, it’s often the case that a company will have trash lying in their parking lot or clutter in the walkways. Our janitorial service can keep your office spotless. We provide the most thorough cleaning possible from the windows to the carpets. When we’re done, you’ll have an office that you’ll be proud to show off.

Keep Productivity High with Office Cleaning

Our cleaning service can minimize the transmission of bacteria and viruses and keep your workforce in top shape. Offices can often be a hotbed for transmitting sickness, but a thorough office cleaning service can stop a breakout before it starts. We can minimize health issues by regularly disinfecting shared surfaces such as:

  • Faucet handles
  • Light switches
  • Handrails
  • Doorknobs
  • And more

General Facility Care LLC’s consistent office cleaning is the key to minimizing sick days and keeping productivity high.

Office Cleaning to Breathe Easy

Your ventilation system plays an integral part in maintaining your office’s air quality, but unfortunately, your filters can become clogged without regular cleaning. When an air duct has a clogged filter, it runs the risk of releasing allergens into the air instead of removing them. Our cleaning services don’t just tackle surfaces, but they can clear out your air filters as well. By using deep extraction techniques, we can clear your filter from:

  • Dirt
  • Bacteria
  • Allergens
  • Dust
  • Mold
  • Debris
  • And more

Indoor air quality keeps a workforce healthy and safe. When your ventilation emits clean air through your space, your employees will breathe easier.

Commitment to Quality Cleaning

General Facility Care LLC’s cleaners are trained, insured, and experienced. After spending years in the field, we’ve built up a repertoire of considerable knowledge. No matter what the dimensions of your office space are, we have a method of approach. Our extensive knowledge of cleaning products and tools allows us to determine which product is best for the job to make your business look its best.

Office Cleaning to Fit Your Needs

Whether you’re looking for long-term, routine cleaning or a fast touch-up before a visiting client arrives, General Facility Care LLC is happy to handle it. Just give us a call and let us know what you’re looking for. We offer variable pay rates, so don’t be afraid to go into deep detail regarding what you need. We’ll dispatch a cleaning crew to your location according to your schedule, and we’ll have your office looking fantastic in no time.

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