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Industrial Cleaning Services

As a licensed industrial facility, keeping your work environment in top shape is one of your number one priorities. You need industrial janitorial services that align with your goals, keep your staff safe, and produce exceptional results that will wow your clients and executive team. General Facility Care LLC is among the top rated commercial cleaning companies in the city for a reason— we put your needs first. Each of our hand-selected technicians is trained up to date in the latest safety protocol and janitorial best practices and has received additional training to protect your privacy and security. We are:

  • Licensed professionals who are bonded and insured.
  • On time for all appointments and industrial plant cleaning services scheduled with you.
  • Fast and efficient, without cutting any corners.
  • Experienced and certified in the proper decontamination of many complex industrial machines.
  • Committed to helping you achieve your high building maintenance standards.
  • Equipped with a full fleet of advanced janitorial technology.

Top Recommended Industrial Cleaning Services

Having the know-how and experience to respond to your needs quickly and correctly can make a big difference. One of the things that make us stand out from other commercial cleaning companies is that our low-cost industrial cleaning services are available 24/7. We know that even the best-laid plans can sometimes go awry in the middle of the night, so you can count on us to dispatch our professionals as soon as you call. Here are some of our most popular services:

  • 24-hour emergency industrial janitorial services
  • Boiler and reactor vessel cleaning
  • Clarifier cleaning
  • Clean room technology
  • Decontamination
  • Drug prep and manufacturing area cleaning
  • Equipment and machinery disinfection
  • Fast spill cleanups
  • Food handling and prep area decontamination
  • Horizontal surface sterilization
  • Industrial pressure washing
  • Interior and exterior window washing
  • Kitchen and break room cleaning
  • Lighting and fixture dusting and disinfection
  • Locker area sanitization
  • Pit cleaning
  • Regular office cleaning
  • Remediation
  • Sump cleaning
  • Tank cleaning
  • Touchpoint disinfection
  • Washroom disinfection
  • Waste collection and removal

Boiler Cleaning

Boilers are used in various industries to generate steam or hot water. Over time, they accumulate deposits like scale, rust, and other contaminants, which can affect their efficiency and safety.

Our fully customizable boiler cleanings typically involve:

  • Removing scale and soot: Deposits of scale (mineral buildup) and soot (carbon deposits) are common in boilers. These can hinder heat transfer and reduce efficiency.
  • Chemical cleaning: Involves using chemicals to dissolve scale and other deposits. This method is effective for internal cleaning of boiler tubes and surfaces.
  • Mechanical cleaning: Includes methods like scraping, brushing, or using rotary tools to remove deposits, particularly in areas hard to reach.
  • High-pressure water jetting: Using high-pressure water streams to remove buildup from boiler surfaces.
  • Inspection and maintenance: Post-cleaning inspections are crucial to identify any damage or wear and to perform necessary repairs or replacements.

Let our cleaners make short work of keeping your boiler free of harmful contaminants. Connect with us to learn more about the steps we’ll take to ensure your commercial boiler system’s safe and reliable operation.

Reactor Vessel Commercial Cleaners

Reactor vessels—used in industries like chemical manufacturing and pharmaceuticals—require regular cleaning due to residue and contaminant buildup. Count on our commercial cleaners to be certified to handle this task. We adhere to strict safety standards and regulations and properly handle, treat, and dispose of waste materials generated during our cleaning process.

Industrial Disinfection

Our industrial disinfection services offer a proven solution for ensuring the highest level of hygiene and safety in various areas of your facility, including critical spaces like food handling and prep areas, drug prep and manufacturing zones, and washrooms.

Using advanced disinfection technologies and approved food-safe disinfectants, we meticulously treat food preparation areas to eliminate harmful pathogens while ensuring all surfaces are safe for food contact. In drug prep and manufacturing areas, where sterility is paramount, our specialized disinfection process targets microbial contaminants without compromising the integrity of your products. We employ effective techniques against a broad spectrum of microorganisms while adhering to stringent industry standards.

For washrooms, known hotspots for germs and bacteria, our services include thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces, fixtures, and high-touch areas, using powerful yet safe disinfectants. Our detailed approach helps maintain a sterile environment and contributes to your employees’ and clients’ overall health and well-being.

Our team of trained professionals ensures each area is treated with tailored protocols, respecting the unique requirements of each space to ensure a clean, safe, and compliant facility.

Industrial Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Are you responsible for the safe operation of a food prep or processing facility? Our industrial kitchen deep cleaning services are a wise choice when you want to be sure your plant is operating at optimal performance and provide a safe, hygienic atmosphere for your staff and customers. We deliver customizable deep cleaning that covers every inch of your facility, including hard-to-reach areas often overlooked in regular cleaning routines.

Our process involves thoroughly cleansing all equipment, surfaces, and ventilation systems to eliminate grease buildup, food residues, and harmful bacteria. We use food-safe, industrial-strength cleaning agents that sanitize without leaving harmful residues. Additionally, we focus on cross-contamination prevention strategies to ensure different food processing areas are meticulously cleaned to prevent any risk of foodborne illnesses.

With our industrial kitchen deep cleaning services, you can maintain a clean, efficient, and compliant operation that enhances your facility’s overall productivity and reputation for quality and safety.

Industrial Power Washing

Our industrial power washing services offer an efficient and effective solution to help you maintain the cleanliness and appearance of your business premises. Using high-pressure water jets, we thoroughly remove dirt, grime, grease, and other stubborn stains from a variety of surfaces, including building exteriors, walkways, parking lots, and machinery. Our pressure cleaning process enhances the aesthetic appeal of your facility and contributes to the longevity of your property by preventing the build-up of harmful substances that can cause wear and tear over time.

For manufacturing, construction, or food processing businesses, where cleanliness is crucial, our power washing services ensure compliance with health and safety standards, creating a safer environment for your employees and customers. Regular cleaning can also help uncover potential maintenance issues before they become costly repairs, offering a proactive approach to facility management.

Our state-of-the-art equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions are effective yet gentle on surfaces, providing deep cleaning without causing damage. By entrusting your cleaning needs to our professional power washing services, you can focus on your core business activities, knowing that your premises are well-maintained, safe, and inviting.

Industrial Window Cleaner

We’re industrial window cleaners with the latest tools and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to tackle any window-washing task efficiently and effectively. For the exterior, we employ advanced techniques like water-fed pole systems and, where necessary, high-access equipment like cherry pickers or scaffolding to reach and clean all windows. We meticulously remove dirt, grime, bird droppings, and environmental pollutants that can accumulate on window surfaces, ensuring a streak-free finish that lets in maximum natural light.

On the interior, we take great care to protect your workspace, using gentle yet effective cleaning agents to remove fingerprints, dust, and smudges without damaging windowsills or frames. Our team is trained to work around your business hours, causing minimal disruption to your operations. Regular cleaning schedules are established based on your goals, ensuring your facility’s windows remain clear and clean year-round.

Industrial Office Cleaning

Let our industrial office cleaning specialists work with you to personalize a cleaning checklist and schedule that keeps your operations in compliance with the regulations that govern your industry. With us, it’s easy to maximize your budget and ensure your finances are focused where they’re needed most. Book a risk-free initial consultation to learn more about our office cleaning services and why we’re the preferred choice of many industrial businesses.

Emergency Industrial Building Cleaning Services

Improve safety and reduce downtime with our 24/7 emergency industrial building cleaning services. When your operations are impacted by spills, mess, or debris that must be cleaned to ensure safe facility operations, we support you with a full suite of dependable commercial janitorial services. Don’t hesitate to call us now to learn more about how we facilitate the safe and optimal functioning of businesses like yours.

Inexpensive Commercial Janitorial Services

Streamline your commercial janitorial services to achieve your budget goals without sacrificing quality. Our well-maintained tools and machinery and large staff are always ready to get to work for you. From responding to one-time emergency calls 24 hours a day to creating tailored industrial janitorial services that are a perfect fit for what you do— we have you covered.

Best Rates on Industrial Floor Cleaning Services

Increase the lifespan of your carpets and hard floors with our high-value industrial floor cleaning services. We can remove stains, residue, and contaminants from all types of flooring and are well known for our fast turnaround times and meticulous attention to detail.

Carpet Care

  • Spot cleaning
  • Vacuuming
  • Deep carpet cleaning and disinfection
  • Upholstery care and furniture sanitization

Hard Flooring Surfaces

  • Vinyl composition tile
  • Terrazzo
  • Slate
  • Quarry tiles
  • Quarry stone
  • Polished concrete
  • Natural stones
  • Marble
  • Laminate
  • Granite
  • Epoxy
  • Concrete
  • Ceramic and porcelain tiles
  • Brick pavers

Talk to our best industrial cleaning experts today for more information on a specific service or to book an appointment for a free consultation, at no obligation to you.

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