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Handyman Services

Hiring a local handyman can save you time, money, and stress on all types of home reno and repair projects. And no professional can do that better than General Facility Care LLC.

We are the area's premier handyman company. With a history of performing honest and straightforward work on both commercial and residential projects, General Facility Care LLC has proven itself time and time again to be the best choice for those in need of a handyman.

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Your Friendly Neighborhood Handyman

Quality service and top-notch customer care are what you can expect out of General Facility Care LLC. Since opening our doors, we've set ourselves apart as a stellar service provider, developing a strong reputation based on friendly customer service, open communication, and a customer-first approach.

As a local business, we provide a highly personalized experience tailored to each client. We take the time to get to know you, your goals and priorities so that we can better meet your needs. Whether that means helping you pick out a home reno design or teaching you how to screw in a lightbulb, you can count on us to be at your service. That's just what you can expect from your friendly neighborhood handyman.

A Complete Range of Handyman Services

We are a full-service handyman contractor, possessing the skill and ability to help with all home repairs, renovation projects, and more. Plumbing, electrical, carpentry, cabinetry, painting, flooring: All are well within our wheelhouse. Think of us like your jack-of-all-trades professional: Capable of meeting your every need for residential or commercial building projects.

Thanks to our versatility, we're able to save you time and money while ensuring a consistent build quality. Instead of hiring multiple specialists to handle each stage of the job, you can choose us and consolidate everything under one contractor. We help you streamline the project, in turn minimizing red tape, cutting out the middleman, and keeping the project up to code from start to finish. For homeowners, business owners, and property managers, a contractor like General Facility Care LLC is the only contractor you'll need.

Handyman Company: Quality Craftsmanship, Unbeatable Price Points

Ultimately, the strength of our reputation rests on the quality of our craftsmanship. With that in mind, we can proudly say our craftsmanship is second to none.

We are renowned for our meticulous attention to detail, diligent work practices, and our exceptional caliber of workmanship. Taken together, those attributes ensure that we deliver only the highest level of results for each of our customers. No matter the size or scope of the job, we'll make sure it gets done right. With us, you can expect to enjoy the fruits of our labor for years to come.

Despite the exceptional quality of our work, we maintain highly affordable price points for all our services. You'll be hard-pressed to find another contractor who can do as much as we can at so low a price. See for yourself.

Free Estimates from an Affordable Handyman

If you have repair work that needs to be taken care of, General Facility Care LLC is the company to contact to make sure it fits your budget. We pride ourselves on our straightforward pricing, so you can feel confident on all of the information that we provide you with. Get in touch with us today to discuss the work you need.

A Versatile Commercial Handyman

We want our handyman and carpentry services to be everything you need to keep your property in perfect condition. Our team of skilled workers has an impressive range of abilities that should cover any minor problems you are having around your business.

Some of the things you can call on us for include:

  • General carpentry
  • Minor plumbing and electrical repairs
  • Paint touch-ups
  • Hanging and mounting
  • Installing hardware (doorknobs, locks, etc.)
  • Furniture assembly
  • And more

If you have a job that you want us to handle, we invite you to contact us to learn how we can accommodate you.

Local Handyman for Jobs of All Sizes

No job is too small or insignificant for our dedicated repair team. We gladly accept many different jobs and do everything we can to be a valuable resource to local business owners. There will undoubtedly be small jobs that pile up in your workplace over time, but we are here to help you take care of all of them.

A Quick Response from a Skilled Handyman

We do everything in our power to provide our customers with a timely response on the services they need. If you need to find a handyman that you can depend on for prompt service, then you don't need to look any further than General Facility Care LLC. Not all repairs can wait, and if you have found yourself in this situation, we are the company to call.

Make Quick Work of Your Repairs

Our commitment to speedy service does not stop once we get to your property. Rather, we will continue to work with maximum efficiency until all of your repairs are completed correctly. Our vast expertise and full assortment of tools allow us to quickly assess the needs of your property and then carry out the work in no time.

Eliminate Headaches with Our Handyman Services

There is never a shortage of work to be done on any property, but that doesn't mean you have to handle it all yourself. Save yourself the time and effort of messing around with your repair work and trust it with our capable team instead. We allow you to focus on more important things while still not neglecting the state of your property.

Experienced Handymen with a History of Success

We have been providing top-notch repair services for quite some time, and throughout that time, we have been able to maintain a consistent history of success. We are constantly working to hone our abilities and expand our offering of services. Combine that with our impressive track record and many loyal clients, and it is easy to see why we are among the area's most trusted repair services.

Handyman Specialists That Put You First

Whether you need drywall repairs or light plumbing, painting, and electrical work, we’re confident we’re the specialists who can bring you the highest quality finished results at the best value.

We understand how important it is to deliver first-class results, and we strive to do this by supporting our seasoned technicians with continuous industry and safety training. In addition to this, we also require up to date licensing and insurance for each of our vetted and hand-selected team members.

When you need a reliable, experienced, and qualified handyperson to assist you with home repairs, installations, and upgrades, you can rest assured we’re the right company for the job. We put your goals, budget, and timeline first and work diligently to produce the long-lasting finishes you desire. Call us to book a consultation so we can get to know the scope of your project in greater detail.

A Full Suite of General Handyman Services

Is there more than one area in your home that could benefit from our affordable general handyman services? With affordable rates and prompt response times, we can help you maintain your home and make repairs without having to undergo the expense of hiring costly subcontractors.

Some of our most frequently requested services include:

  • Drywall repairs
  • Interior and exterior painting and staining
  • Solving issues with fixtures and appliances
  • Cabinet remodeling
  • Carpentry design and installation
  • Flooring installation and repair
  • Roofing repair and installations
  • Outdoor maintenance such as fixing fencing, decking, and patio components
  • And much more!

You’ll be surprised at how much our technicians can do in a short time. Reach us by phone or email to learn more about our value-driven pricing and guaranteed craftsmanship.

Electrical Services

Our skilled handymen can perform a variety of electrical services, ensuring the safety and operating functionality of your property's electrical systems. From installing light systems and ceiling fans to replacing outdated outlets and switches, we have the expertise to tackle these tasks correctly.

Furthermore, we can also troubleshoot and repair minor electrical issues, such as damaged wires or tripped breakers. However, for major electrical work or complex installations, we'll need to conduct a full assessment to determine the scope of work required and if we can perform it.

Drywall Repairs

Drywall is a common material used in interior walls and ceilings. Over time, it can become damaged for many reasons, such as accidental impacts, water leaks, or settling. Our handymen can expertly repair drywall, ensuring a seamless, high-quality, and professional finish.

Some of the most common fixes we perform are hole patches, crack repairs, and dent repairs. We also replace larger sections of damaged drywall. Additionally, we can handle drywall finishing tasks, including taping, mudding, sanding, and priming, to prepare the surface for painting or wallpapering.

Our handymen can repair and replace drywall as long as the job doesn't involve work on major structural components.

Interior and Exterior Painting

Painting is one of the most common services offered by handymen. From preparing surfaces by cleaning, sanding, and priming to applying fresh coats of paint with precision, we work to create a flawless finish. You can request assistance with color selection, and we'll offer advice on complementary shades and finishes that best suit the space and your style.

Whether you want to refresh a single room or give the entire exterior a new look, a fresh paint job will always do the trick.

Cabinet Remodeling

Cabinet remodeling involves refacing cabinet doors and drawers, replacing hardware, or even installing new cabinets altogether. It includes minor repairs, such as fixing hinges, adjusting drawer glides, or addressing any structural issues.

If your cabinets are dull, dated, or damaged, you can enlist our handyman services to have them remodeled.

Carpentry Installation

Carpentry installation projects range from building custom shelving units and bookcases to installing crown molding, baseboards, and trim work. Home and commercial building owners typically need assistance installing large components such as doors, windows, and other woodwork elements, ensuring proper fit and functionality. If the project is significant and requires an expert, our handymen can help.

Flooring Installation and Repair

Flooring installation and repair encompasses the installation of various flooring materials like hardwood, laminate, tile, and vinyl, as well as the repair and restoration of existing floors. It involves preparing the subfloor, cutting and laying the new flooring, and addressing any damaged or worn areas of the existing flooring to restore a seamless and consistent appearance. When you need any of these services, it's best to seek the assistance of our handymen, who are experienced in working on all flooring types.

Roofing Repair

Roofing repair services are needed to address minor roofing issues and perform routine maintenance tasks. Our handymen can fix leaks, replace damaged shingles or tiles, and address problems with flashing or vents. They can also clean gutters, inspect the roof for potential issues, and identify areas needing attention.

By promptly addressing minor repairs and conducting regular maintenance, you can avoid more significant and costly roofing problems down the line.

Deck and Patio Repair

Deck and patio repair services focus on maintaining and restoring outdoor living spaces. When they become damaged, it's important to replace damaged boards, tighten loose railings, address structural issues, and refinish or stain surfaces for protection. Our handymen can take care of all of this and install and replace new decks and patios.

Handyman for Furniture Assembly

Our handymen can professionally assemble many types of furniture, from bookcases and desks to entertainment centers and bed frames. We carefully follow manufacturer instructions, unpack components, organize hardware, and methodically construct each piece.

Beyond assembly, we can position and level the furniture in the desired location, making minor adjustments or installations for stability. A handyman ensures furniture is assembled correctly, securely, and ready for immediate use.

Reasons to Hire a Handyman

As a homeowner, it’s never easy when something breaks down or needs fixing. Though it might be tempting to take the DIY approach, it’s always best to leave professional work to the handymen.

The ultimate reason to hire a handyman is hands down the quality of the work provided. While you may be capable of completing some small repairs on your own, chances are you’re not an expert at everything. That’s where we come in.

Here are the top reasons people hire us:

  • Our work is guaranteed
  • We are experienced professionals who pay close attention to detail
  • Our safety training and familiarity with local building codes is an asset on every job
  • You gain peace of mind knowing we’ll stick to your deadlines and budget
  • We have all the right tools and training for the job
  • We offer speedy turnarounds

General Facility Care LLC is the leading provider of local handyman services, and our staff has the training and experience to handle any issue. No job is too odd, large, or small for our dedicated professionals. Connect with us to request a risk-free estimate.

Handyman vs General Contractor

While both handymen and general contractors can handle home repairs and renovations, there are key differences. A handyman is a jack-of-all-trades who is skilled at taking on smaller projects and maintenance tasks that don't require permits or specialized licenses. Handyman services are typically cheaper, easier to access, and a better option for smaller projects.

In contrast, a general contractor manages larger, more complex construction projects involving structural changes, major systems like electrical or plumbing, and work that requires permits and licensed subcontractors. Hire a handyman for basic repairs and installations, but rely on a licensed general contractor for major renovations or building projects.

Our handyman services include maintenance and repair services for projects of all sizes.

Are Handymen Licensed?

Licensing requirements for handymen vary by state and locality, but in most areas, handymen do not need to be licensed for basic home repairs and maintenance work. However, even without a specific "handyman license," there may be project cost limits or permit requirements that dictate when a licensed contractor is needed instead of a handyman. It's advisable to check your local regulations, but in general, handymen can perform smaller jobs and minor repairs without a contractor's license.

We have full business licenses and only accept jobs that our insurance covers. Our workers are also independently insured, so in the event something happens on the job, you won't need to worry because the liability will be on us.

Do Handyman Services Include the Materials?

Whether or not the materials needed for a job are included depends on the project. Basic materials like nails, screws, and caulk are included in our rates, but we’ll charge extra if we need to go out and purchase larger materials to complete a project. We work hard to keep the price of those materials down by avoiding large markups.

To avoid surprise costs, it's best to discuss material needs and associated charges upfront before enlisting services. We offer free estimates for our services, and they include the cost of materials so you can budget appropriately and be prepared.

What to Ask a Handyman Contractor Before Hiring

Not all handyman contractors have the same background, experience, equipment, or credentials. For this reason, our pros recommend asking the following questions before signing any contracts:

  1. Are you qualified to complete the work or repairs in question?
  2. Are you licensed, fully insured, and bonded?
  3. How are rates decided, and can you match my deadline and budget restrictions?
  4. Do you provide a written contract based on transparent estimates?
  5. Is the work you do guaranteed?

Asking these questions before agreeing to anything can save you a lot of stress. If you’d like to work with a handyman contractor who meets all of these standards, dial our number to set up a consultation.

Professional Handyman Services

When you try to fix an issue with your home, even a single mistake can be costly. Unexpected problems can arise with any repair work, and before you know it, even the most straightforward repair job can snowball into a huge hassle. Worse yet, amateur fixes and installations can get damaged easily and can cause further issues with electrical wiring or plumbing. A handyman has the knowledge and experience necessary to prevent unforeseen damage or accidents from happening during your repairs. We can save you money, time, and energy, so you can focus on the things that matter most to you.

Handyman with the Right Tools for the Job

Depending on the job, you might be lacking the right tools. Power tools can be expensive and pose safety risks if not handled properly. Our staff is fully equipped for any job, from installation to repairs. We use only the highest quality equipment, and we get the job done safely every time. Better yet, using the right tools allows us to get the job done quickly.

Handyman Services for Any Issue

One of the key advantages of hiring a handyman is that they're a jack of all trades. Sometimes, going with a dedicated specialist can be costly for minor issues. If you need to fix a single light fixture, a handyman can provide the kind of affordable service that an electrician might not. If you have multiple minor issues and repairs to get done around the house, our services can save you the trouble of dealing with multiple companies and specialists. An experienced handyman is like having several specialists in one.

We can help you with

  • Fixing leaks
  • Patching cracks
  • Minor plumbing
  • Fixing drywall
  • Repairing light fixtures
  • Fixing baseboards
  • And more

General Facility Care LLC is perfect if you've just moved into a new home in need of repairs, or your current house needs a bit of work.

Handyman Services to Protect Your Investment

If you're looking to sell your home or maintain its value, taking care of minor issues as they arise is crucial. Small problems with your home, such as water damage or electrical issues, can become significant if not handled right away, and small problems always add up in the long run. A handyman service is perfect for keeping your home in great shape over the years.

Affordable, Reliable Handyman Services

If you're looking for a handyman, give us a call. Our customer service staff can discuss your issue and answer any questions you might have. We can work with any schedule and find the solution that works for you. For any repairs around your home, call (813) 280-5300 today.

General Facility Care LLC: The Local Handyman You Can Trust

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