Commercial Cleaning Services That Are Worth Investing In

Whether your business is large or smaller, with plans to scale up in the future, there are a few ways to make the most of your commercial cleaning services.

Perhaps you’ve considered examining personalized commercial cleaning as a way to reduce unnecessary costs.

Maybe you’re looking for better ways to ensure your facility’s cleanliness consistently meets your expectations.

At General Facility Care LLC, we’ve spent many years refining commercial cleaning solutions that are applicable to businesses spanning virtually every industry.

Read on for insider tips on how to make the most out of any janitorial cleaning service.

Look for Janitorial Companies That Align with Your Expectations

Choosing the right partner is the best way to guarantee the success of any endeavor.

It’s no different with janitorial companies.

So how do you choose the best one? We recommend looking for a well-established professional with a history of repeat clientele and excellent online reviews.

Next, you’ll want to look into their credentials and how they select members of their team to ensure your privacy and security expectations are on par with what they provide.

Finally, it’s a good idea to sit down with potential commercial cleaners to learn more about their services and how they can be applied to your business. The goal of this meeting should be to learn how these services will help you solve any challenges you’re facing in keeping your building spotless.

Typically, initial consultations are offered risk and obligation-free and present an excellent opportunity for you to measure what to expect in terms of service and cost.

It’s never a bad idea to schedule a few of these with more than one local building cleaning expert.

In doing so, you gain the ability to compare estimates, ask questions, and get to know the unique benefits each commercial cleaning service will provide.

Can a Business Cleaning Service Help You Attract the Clients You Want?

Business owners and building managers are obligated to present clients and employees with a clean and healthy environment, no matter which industry you’re doing business in.

When the challenges of keeping a workspace clean become too much for your regular employees, you can find immense value in collaborating with an experienced business cleaning service.

After all, a healthy and inviting atmosphere is one of the first steps in growing your business and attracting new clients.

You just have to know which services will benefit you the most to get the most for your money. And that’s where enlisting the help of an experienced professional can really pay off.

The following are some of the most-requested office cleaning services and are key areas that most businesses need assistance keeping immaculate:

Commercial Disinfecting Services

Whether you’re responsible for grand-scale office space, a restaurant, a medical building, or a retail store, by now, you’re aware of how critical commercial disinfecting services are to the continued health and safety of all who occupy your space.

Dirty restrooms and unkempt reception areas are the last things prospective clients want to face when making important purchasing decisions.

Not only that, but in order to retain top talent, you’ll need to provide your staff with a clean and presentable workspace.

If you don’t stay on top of disinfection and follow proper protocols, you could have a nasty outbreak of sickness that affects your ability to meet client demands or keep up with the pace of production.

Moreover, you could be faced with a visit from the local health and safety inspector or be penalized for violating workplace safety regulations.

To prevent this, some of the best places to focus your budget can include:

  • Bathroom disinfection
  • Breakroom disinfection
  • Reception area disinfection
  • Workstation disinfection
  • High-touch surface disinfection
  • Technology disinfection
  • And more

Office buildings generally focus on disinfecting high-traffic and high-touch areas, as well as restrooms, reception, and break areas. If you are a food service business, employing customized solutions to keep kitchens, fridges, and food prep areas disinfected is a top priority.

Investing in different levels of disinfection that make sense for your business model is the best way to show your clients and staff you care and keep your business operating smoothly in compliance with local health and safety standards.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Carpeting gives a commercial space an unmistakable identity and can help to improve sound absorption and keep heat inside your space where you want it to be.

It’s also a magnet for germs, dirt, and stains.

This is especially true in high-traffic areas.

When you focus your resources on commercial carpet cleaning, you can be sure professionals have penetrated the surface, getting down nice and deep to lift and remove all manner of grime, allergens, and pathogens.

Rather than investing in commercial carpet replacement, you can keep your existing carpets and rugs in like-new condition by choosing a carpet cleaning company with the right technology and training.

It’ll cost a fraction of the price of replacing carpets regularly and will contribute to the excellent air quality within your facility.

If your commercial space is carpeted, don’t skimp in this regard. It’s wise to ensure floors are taken care of to prevent your clients from taking notice and taking their business elsewhere.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Strange as it may sound, a clean window will often go completely unnoticed. But one of the first things your clients will notice is a dirty window.

Suppose you consider how you’d feel about a business that can’t be bothered to keep exterior and interior window glass clean. In that case, you can start to get an idea of a client’s impression of your business if you don’t choose your window cleaners carefully.

It’s not good.

With that said, we recommend working with your window cleaning company to figure out a schedule that gives windows a streak-free appearance and suits your budget.

Bottom Line: Office Deep Cleaning Is Worth It

Hopefully, this article has helped to shed light on how tailoring your cleaning services to your business can help you to focus your budget where it will make a powerful impact. If you don’t have the internal resources to devote to office sanitization and disinfection duties, General Facility Care LLC is always happy to consult with you at no risk.

Allow us to answer your questions by getting in touch at (813) 280-5300.